The Symbol of prestige and distinction

The new “BUSINESS DEBIT CARD” card from VISA gives SGBCy’s cardholders extra flexibility in their daily transactions as well as a higher purchasing power and many prestigious advantages.

A perfect tool for everyday use

This card gives the cardholder direct access to his account at any time and from anywhere. The cardholder can settle his purchases at any Point of Sale (POS) or withdraw cash from any ATM locally or internationally.

Contactless payment

Settle purchases up to 20 € by simply tapping the card close to a contactless point of sale (POS) terminal (PIN not required).

Chip & Pin Technology

The state-of-the-art Chip & Pin technology ensures an increased protection against fraud. For transactions above the maximum allowed amount for contactless payment, a Pin Code will be required for authorization without the need to sign the transaction slip.

Safe and accessible

Check your card transactions through our Digital Banking service.

More info

- Free ATM withdrawals.

- In case of loss or theft of the card contact immediately Societe Generale Bank - Cyprus Limited Visa service line: +357 7777 2008. During non-working hours, please contact JCC: +357 2286 8100.

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