Why pursue a career at SGBCy?

SGBCy gives you the opportunity to be a member of an innovative and dynamic group where you can develop valuable experience to fulfill your ambitions. To those with ambition and seek to develop their potentials in a professional and dynamic environment, SGBCy offers various job opportunities and internships.

Express your enthusiasm as well as your ideas within our teams and start a promising career.

Our Values


    In our changing world, our clients want a bank that is a responsible, trustworthy and agile partner. As a team, we meet their needs with our service-minded approach enhanced by the diverse expertise and knowledge of all. We want to become THE relationship-focused bank and work with our clients the way we want to work with one another: by listening, building together, valuing contributions and being united in both our successes and our difficulties.

    We strive to constantly improve our customers’ experience by working together to adapt our solutions, practices and relationships to tomorrow’s requirements, particularly by leveraging technological innovation.
    True to our entrepreneurial spirit, we are changing our ways of working by promoting sharing, experimentation and out of the box thinking. We learn from successes and failures alike.

    As bankers, we contribute to the economic, social and sustainable environmental development of the
    economies in which we operate. We want to help our clients fulfill their projects’ potential, while paying
    attention to risks in all of their aspects. Our responsibility and ethical code involve rapidly satisfying our clients’ needs while preserving the long-term interest of all stakeholders and strictly complying with the rules of our profession. Our responsibility can also be seen in our courage to be accountable for our actions and decisions and to express our opinions transparently. Last of all, it means attaching as much importance to the way we achieve results as we do to the results themselves.


    Our commitment derives from the continued satisfaction of our clients and the pride we have in our profession and our Group. Together, we strive daily to make a difference that contributes to the success of both our clients’ projects and ours. We promote involvement and professional accomplishment for all. We nurture relationships based on trust and mutual respect, both inside and outside the bank.

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