Gold Credit Card

Gold Credit Card

A card that completes your whims

With the international Gold credit card from SGBCy, conveniently repay your purchases and get multiple benefits.

Ultimate convenience

  • International acceptance for purchases and withdrawals.
    Convenient monthly payments: settle 10% of the balance at the 31st of previous month

Contactless payment

Settle purchases up to 20 € by simply tapping the card close to a contactless point of sale (POS) terminal (PIN not required).

Travel insurance and services

  • Benefit from a life insurance program subscribed with SGBCy's insurance partners that covers the remaining repayment amount in case of death, total or permanent disabilities.
  • Coverage during travels :
    - Hospitalization of up to EUR 150,000
    - Compensation in case of flight delay, loss, damage and delay of luggage

Immediate assistance abroad

If you lose your card abroad, an immediate assistance will provide you a temporary replacement card (within 48 hours) to allow you to continue your trip. 
The replacement card entitles you to benefit from all the services of your SGBCy card, except for cash withdrawal at ATMs. 

Your branch will take all necessary measures to have your new card at your disposal upon your return. 

For an emergency replacement of your card, contact the VISA Center: +1 41 05 81 38 36.

More info

Check your card transactions and get a free monthly card statement through our online banking service 



In case of loss or theft of the card contact immediately Societe Generale Bank - Cyprus Limited Visa service line: +357 7777 2008. During non-working hours, please contact JCC: +357 2286 8100.

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