Corporate Unit

Corporate Unit
We understand that the circumstances of each business are unique, and we are committed to helping clients achieve their growth ambitions. We can contribute to the prosperity and success of businesses and professionals by offering customized financing solutions with expertise and dedication to our clients’needs and visions.

We provide our local corporate customers with high-quality innovative solutions tailored to all their banking needs. SGBCy is particularly active in dealing with large and medium-sized corporate clients, on all kinds of operations, offering a highly diversified range of competitive services and products including: 

Working Capital Finance

To enhance your ability to meet your financial obligations and operate effectively, SGBCy offers assistance in the form of working capital overdrafts, short-term facilities, in addition to the usual receivables finance and inventory finance. 

Trade Finance

The Trade Finance service offered by SGBCy develops international trade activities concerned in assuring import and export transactions in order to meet the client's needs. In the import – export area banks and companies traditionally work closely together.
  • Trade services: Letters of credit, documentary collections, direct collections and guarantees
  • Trade Finance: Import financing, export financing and bill discounting
  • Trade Risk Management: avalizations and documentary credit confirmation

Foreign Exchange

Benefit from the best services in town offered by the dealing room of SGBCy, one of the leading Cypriot providers of foreign currency exchange services. Enjoy the availability of foreign currencies at the most competitive exchange rates.

SGBCy is also able to help you to hedge foreign exchange rates through Forward Deals at an attractive cost.

Project Finance

Societe Generale Bank - Cyprus Limited provides its clients both in the private and public sectors, with innovative and flexible project finance solutions, loan syndication, co-financing and capital markets execution. Knowing the fact that Societe Generale is operating in over 80 countries worldwide, SGBCy Limited is able to serve and satisfy clients' needs in all key industry sectors both overseas and locally.

Benefit from our superior financial advisory, arranging, capital-raising and risk management services offered to major companies to help them in their most important projects.

Products and Services

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