Private Banking

Private Banking

SGBCy Private Banking unit gives you the opportunity to join our high net-worth clientele and satisfy your banking and financial needs. We provide high standard banking services such as (fixed deposit and current accounts, mortgage and overdraft loans, credit and debit card payments, letters of Credit and Guarantee). Meeting the contemporary banking environment we offer you the ability to manage your accounts online and carry out transactions on a 24 hours basis through our secured and simple to use mobile application and online banking services.

Wealth Management Services

- Invest in the global financial markets.
- Access to the leading stock markets of the world- Reception and transmission of orders (shares, fixed income securities, money market instruments etc.) guaranteed efficiency and speedy execution of transactions.
- Access to the Amundi Asset Management Funds registered in Cyprus.
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Online Banking

Manage your accounts online though our SGBCY App wherever you are. Available 24 hours a day, through our secured and simple to use online service, you can carry out transactions including internal transfers, domestic and international payments, view your balances, statements etc.


Fixed Deposit Account

Use this investment instrument to deposit funds in a fixed term account to earn interest, throughout the chosen tenor as per our interest rate.


Current Account

Manage your day-to-day spending. You can have your salary paid into it, set up direct debits and standing orders, and generally to deposit money for immediate use.


Mortgage Loan

Finance a building, purchase a residency and add a property in your investment portfolio.


Overdraft & Other Loan Accounts

Finance your personal needs through an Overdraft account with a credit limit / loan account.


Credit and Debit cards

Use payment cards issued by our Bank. It may be a debit card, where money is deposited in your card account before a transaction can take place, or it may be a credit card, where a credit limit is allocated upon your request and approval from the Bank.


Letters of Guarantee

Issue a Letter of Guarantee. A documentary credit issued by our Bank on behalf of our client for the purpose of providing security to a third party to perform a contractual obligation owed to such a third party.


You will have all the support you need from our Experienced Private Banking Team.



Terms and Conditions

Applications for account opening under Private Banking and Wealth Management Services, as well as granting of loans / credit limits / facilities is subject to the Bank’s approval pursuant to its internal policies in force from time to time.


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