International Business

International Business

Societe Generale Bank - Cyprus Limited, with a presence in Cyprus for over 20 years, provides its services at an international level in order to assist our clients maximize their benefits from Cyprus strategic location and favorable business climate.

Cyprus, a prime financial business center

A member of the European Union since May 2004, being positioned at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, along with its top quality telecommunications services, Cyprus is a convenient base for international operations. The political, social and economic stability of the island, all add to its benefits, consequently providing another reason for international companies to carry out their business transactions through Cyprus.

Today, the tertiary (services) sector is considered the backbone of the island's economy; hence Cyprus has been established as a prime and reputable center for international business and services.

Some of the benefits that Cyprus brings to International Businesses are:
  • Favorable tax regime including 12.5% corporation tax
  • Simplified administrative procedures for acquiring necessary permits
  • Low set up and operating costs
  • Highly qualified, well-educated and multilingual labor force
  • Double tax treaties with 40 countries
  • Freedom of movement of foreign currency
  • Efficient legal, accounting and banking services
  • European standard of living
  • 0% tax on the profit from the sale of securities and dividend income

The tax legislation in Cyprus contributes to it being a prime financial center, as it maintains one of the lowest and most preferential tax regimes in the European Union.

All the above characteristics accompanied by other advantages such as Cyprus open market economy, heavy investment in education, efficient transit center, and pleasant work environment, make Cyprus an undeniable and prominent force for international enterprise wishing to maintain a springboard to the region.

International desk

The dedicated and experienced team of the Societe Generale Bank - Cyprus Limited International Desk offers its expertise to non-resident clientele in all fields of financial services, ranging from corporate banking to private banking and other specialized services.

Societe Generale Bank - Cyprus Limited has the capability of serving its clients not only on a local but also on an international scale, providing financial services and advice to facilitate individual or corporate projects outside Cyprus, while still benefiting from Cyprus favorable economic environment.

International Businesses establishing a relationship with the International Desk of Societe Generale Bank - Cyprus Limited may benefit from the access to the services of all Societe Generale entities throughout the international network of the Societe Generale Group.

The International Desk, in collaboration with other Societe Generale entities across the world, is in a position to provide the most professional and innovative global financial solutions to suit your business needs.

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