Private Banking & investment services

Private Banking & investment services

We provide high standard banking services to meet the needs of high network clientele. It is our principle to cater for effective and flexible service and a customer-oriented approach through lasting banking relationships and trust. SGBCy gives you access to a wide range of investment instruments through:

• A business line dedicated to meet the needs of a sophisticated client base

• A full range of personalized wealth management services backed by the global network and expertise of SG Private Banking

• A selection of investment solutions that range from the simplest to the most complex: structured products, investment funds and hedge funds.

Asset Management

Through the Societe Generale Group network, portfolio management is offered using a personalized asset allocation based on long term investment objectives. Discretionary portfolio management services are available in Switzerland, London and Luxembourg. Combining the flexibility and responsiveness of a dedicated team of portfolio managers with the resources of a large institutional investment management firm, you have a premier financial group at your side.

Global brokerage

Access to all the leading stock markets of the world. Availability to trade: fixed income securities, money market instruments, etc. through a global network guaranteeing efficiency and speedy execution of transactions.

Structured products

Societe Generale Bank - Cyprus Limited provides an innovative approach to structuring investment products by utilising the recognised experience of financial engineers who continuously search for the best opportunities bearing in mind the clients constraints and goals, risk aversion and duration. The underlying components of structured products are numerous, which can consist of various funds, equities and indices.

Alternative investment

Alternative investment aims to achieve absolute performance against market indices or composite indices, with a higher reward-to-risk ratio (Sharpe ratio) than traditional assets (shares, bonds and monetary assets) and low correlation to classical market indices.

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